Reproductive Biotechnology ResearchCenter (RBRC)

Reproductive Biotechnology Research Center was founded in 1998 bydiligent attempt of some specialists in the field of infertilityand basic medical sciences.

Monoclonal Antibody Research Center(MARC)

In 2000, Monoclonal Antibody Research Center was established tooffer productive and research services. This research center hastaken considerable steps in industrial and scientific developmentsand provided the condition to centralize productive activities inmonoclonal antibody.

Avicenna InfertilityClinic

Avicenna Infertility Clinic (AIC) is the first center for treatmentof infertility and recurrent abortion in Iran . We started ouractivities by the effort of Avicenna Research Institute (ARI) &collaboration of lubeck university, Germany , in autumn 2003.

NanobiotechnologyResearch Center (NBRC)

After the definite approve of Council expansion medicaluniversities and the Ministry of Health and Medical Education onNov 11th, 2007 regarding the foundation of Nanobiotechnologyresearch center (NBRC) - affiliated to Avicenna Research Institute(ARI)

About Avicenna InfertilityClinic

This center is the most all-inclusive professional clinic fortreatment of infertility in Iran, includes six clinic (RecurrentAbortion, Gamete & Embryo Donation, Prenatology Infertility,Sexuall Heaelth & Endometriosis) to solve the problems ofInfertile couples, furthermore the experienced & responsiblestaff of this center by applying the latest national &international standards offer the best services on diagnostic &therapeutic methods to those who refer for treatment ofinfertility.

AIC by using the best equipments and having labs in the fieldsof medical diagnosis, pathology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics& counseling services on (genetics, endocrinology, infectious,psychiatry, immunology, juridical), has provided the opportunityfor patients to do all their medical tests & relevantcounseling in the center.


Chairman: Dr. Seyed Ali Azin

Director: Behzad Ghorbani


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