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  1. Title: The Choice
    Time: 45 minutes
    Producer: Avicenna Research Institute andDocumentary & Experimental
    Year of production: 2005Film Center (DEFC)
    Director: Ms. Marjaneh Danehkar
    This documentary is about abortion and explores its differentaspects from medical, ethical, legal, jurisprudential, social andpsychological viewpoints. The director attempts to present amultidimensional analysis of the issue through interviewing withexperts and giving comprehensive information and feature arealistic and unbiased picture regardless of any prejudgment. Inthis documentary, a physician's response to the abortion request isamong the interesting sequences filmed in furtively.

  2. Title: Gamete & Embryo Donation
    Time: 41 minutes
    Producer: Avicenna Research Institute andDocumentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC)
    Year of production: 2005
    Director: Ms. Marjaneh Danehkar
    Gamete and embryo donation is one of the most important techniquesin infertility treatment. Many couples around the world sufferingfrom infertility can resolve lots of their problems by this method.However, this technology evoked controversies; particularly, incountries like Iran the religious atmosphere and social attitudeintensified the some issues including lineage, heredity, socialacceptance and etc. This documentary seeks to introduce not onlythe technology but also clarify its different ethical, legal,jurisprudential, social and psychological aspects. Besidesproviding research-based and precise information, the directorhighlights the pro and con views on related fields.

  3. Title: The Surrogacy
    Time: 35 minutes
    Producer: Avicenna Research Institute andDocumentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC)
    Year of production: 2007
    Director: Ms. Azam Najafian
    Surrogacy is another medical achievement among the assistedreproductive techniques in which infertile couples have a chance touse another woman's uterus to carry and deliver a child in the caseof mother inability. This case encompasses various dimensions sothat the director based upon a thorough perception of the issue andits controversies tries to present this technique besides therelated challenges by addressing the experts' opinion and figuretroubles, doubts and desires of women involved in a surrogacyarrangement either as a biological mother or a surrogate. The filmcould portray a more interesting and appealing story usingregeneration of these adverse feelings in its sequences.

  4. Title: A Secluded House
    Time: 27 minutes
    Producer: Avicenna Research Institute andDocumentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC)
    Year of production: 2008
    Directors: Ms. Fima Emami & RezaDaryanoush
    Although many new kinds of treatments have been developed over thepast few decades, but the majority of them are too expensive. Thefilm producers made an effort not only to put forward thesignificance and prevalence of infertility but also to deal withits economic side. They have also emphasized that the infertilecouples should be protected by the government and insurancecompanies. In some parts of the film patients retell theirfinancial problems; furthermore authorities present their pro andcon votes about infertility coverage.

  5. Title: The Absence of a lady or a man named"B"
    Time: 63 minute
    Producer: Avicenna Research Institute andDocumentary & Experimental Film Center (DEFC)
    Year of production: 2009
    Directors: Ms. Fima Emami & RezaDaryanoush
    The plot is about a rural couple who are going through a divorceowing to lack of having a child. Filmmakers, with detailing thiscouple's life, exhibited a psychoanalytic work that not onlyconsider the significance of infertility and its effect on familybut also present this couples' cultural context which can beextended to public in general and many rustic customs. Thedirectors could create a documentary drama. The film scrutinizesbehavior and psychological characteristics of this couple whileputting forward the social and ethical challenges of infertilitywith no exaggeration.

  6. Title: Another Season
    Time: 25 minute
    Producer: Avicenna Research Institute
    Year of production: 2009
    Directors: Ms. Nadiyeh Ja'fari
    New developments in human knowledge promise scholars' achievementin different scientific areas. In this regard, modern technologiesin various fields have served human knowledge to improve the healthand welfare of the world people. This documentary has a differentlook to these achievements.
    "Another Season" narrates in an impressive way a cross section of ayoung couple's life who finds out their child infected withcancer.
    With representing the difficulties of this situation, the directoris seeking to remind the audiences what have been neglected infacing with disabling diseases prior to their treatment likestriving for life, promising future and attempting to preserve thepatients' fertility in order to resume their normal life afterrecovery.
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