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The ethics committee is comprised of chairman, deputy for research and technology – as the secretary – a bioethics instructor, a biomedical researcher, an epidemiologist, the legal advisor and a clergyman who is completely aware of jurisprudential issues as well as legal-medical regulations.

Legal, ethical and jurisprudential aspects of medical projects such as subject' consent, right, freedom, confidentiality and protection against the potential risks of research, appropriate use of information, respecting colleagues' right and keeping Islamic values to choose a subject are considered by the committee. After all, the written result is announced to project executive.


Ethics Committee Members

  • Azin, Seyed Ali (Chairman) - Social Medicine (M.D., M.P.H, FECSM)
  • Sadeghi, Mohammad Reza (Secretary) - Clinical Biochemistry (Ph.D.)
  • Ayati, Mohammad Reza - Theology and Islamic Jurisprudence (Ph.D.)
  • Jeddi Tehrani, Mahmood - Immunology (Ph.D.)
  • Rasekh, Mohammad - Law and Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Ghaeni, Mohammad - Jurist (Ayatollah)
  • Mousavi Jarrahi, Alireza - Epidemiology (Ph.D.)
  • Milanifar, Alireza - Medical Ethics (M.D., Ph.D.)
  • Shahla Eslami - Philosophy (Ph.D.)

REC Co-ordinator: Ashtari, Golanna - Biotechnological Law and Ethics (M.A.)


ACECR Biomedical Research Ethics Committee

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