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Deputy of Education tries to bridgethe existent gaps between research institutes and universities.This is mainly possible through establishment and development ofresearch centers as well as formulation and implementation ofeducation plans needed for the society.


Our vision is to apply efficient and effective capabilities in ARIand other research centers in order to promote knowledge and skillin the field of medical technologies and extend scientificcollaborations in national and international levels to trainprofessional experts.


Main missions of Avicenna Research Institute include:

·    Implementingeducational guidelines in the framework of ACECR  long-termplan
·    Formulating long and short term educationalplans
·    Coordinating educational and publicityactivities
·    Attempting to establish and develop specializedand subspecialized trainings
·    Making a correlation between governmental andnon-governmental organizations to satisfy educationalrequirements
·    Planning educational seminars in differentsubjects
·    Establishing contact with offices of educationin ACECR to lay the ground for intersectional collaboration
·    Supervising the issuance of certificates
·    Following up educational facilities granted tostaff and researchers


Deputy for Education: Sadeghi-Tabar, Ali(D.M.T.)
Manager: Hamzehzadeh,Hamid

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