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With respect to the ARI mission inpromotion of knowledge and skill, sharing our researchers'achievements and training the acquired skills has always beenconsidered. This aim has been achieved by holding educationalcourses, workshops, seminars and presentations, conducting thesesand inviting local and foreign specialists to exchange views.


Supporting ResearchThesis
As one of its services, this bureau supports theses on PhD andM.Sc. degrees. Accomplishment of more than 220 PhD and M.Sc.dissertations and conducting over 20 specialized theses by graduatestudents are among the most outstanding achievements of thisbureau.


Initiation of GraduatePrograms
Avicenna Research Institute enjoys sufficient facilities toinitiate graduate programs both in M.Sc. and PhD degrees. Toachieve this purpose, we have corresponded with a number ofnational and international universities to set up doctorate coursesin the field of medical genetics, immunology, reproductive biology,medical biotechnology and PhD by research.



Holding SpecializedSeminars
Annually, Avicenna Research Institute plans a national seminar onmodern fertility technologies, biology and biotechnology to providean opportunity for investigators to share their knowledge andachievement with other institutions. As a result of efforts, 19specialized congresses have been held in collaboration withnational and international universities and research centers sofar.


Holding Specialized andSubspecialized Workshops
Thus far, we conducted over 210 specialized and subspecializedworkshops on the subjects of modern fertility technologies,biotechnology, nanobiotechnology and etc in our annual agenda inorder to share research results and raise the knowledge ofspecialists.


Organizing ContinuousScientific Lectures
To create an active scientific atmosphere and present the latestfindings, scientific lectures are conducted at Avicenna researchInstitute once every two weeks and at Avicenna Infertility Cliniconce per month. More than 630 lectures have been recorded sofar.

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