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Ph.D. by research is one of the most advanced degrees ingraduate education containing synchronized research and educationactivities. The purpose of this program is to train professionalswho are capable of working toward sustainable development and canpromote knowledge exchange and scientific levels at universitiesand research centers through orientation of latest researchmethodologies and bases.

Moreover, it provides graduates with the opportunity to obtainknowledge and skill using creativity and purposeful research on aspecific subject matter. Training is a means of obviating students'educational requirement in order to achieve the programmed intendedgoals.

This program includes master of philosophy (M.Phil.) and research courses that the former duration is one year and thelatter lasts up to three years, although in essential cases afterobtaining the affirmative opinion of the Higher Education Councilit can be extended by 1 and 2 semesters respectively.

Interested applicants must fulfill the following primaryrequirements to be eligible for admission:

  1. Publishing at least 2 Indexed papers in International famousIndexes such as ISI, PubMed, and so on as a principal or acorresponding author according to the decision of ARI electedcommittee;
  2. Submitting English proficiency tests score;
  3. Passing interview/entrance exam.

Master of Philosophy students are required to complete a totalof 24 credits including 20 credit hours of coursework and 4 credithours of thesis research in M.Phil. course format. Upon successfulcompletion, the M.Phil. students qualify for the admission to aPh.D. program.

In Ph.D. by research course, students can conduct one or moreprojects consistent with objectives of the Institute by usingobtained skills. In this course, students write a thesiscorresponding to 30 credits, but following the Institute decisionstudent may pass a maximum of 10 coursework credits relevant totheir dissertation and major field beside thesis credits. Thecredits should be accomplished up to 6 months and this period isnot considered as the course duration. Ph.D. by research willterminate after dissemination of the project results (at least 3research-scientific articles including 2 ISI papers and 2 seminars)and defending the dissertation. If a student can not accomplisheach above stages in due time, Avicenna Research Institute willrefuse to issue any certificate. Based on the Ministry of HealthRegulation, the responsibility for Ph.D. student affairs lies withHigher Education Council. After assessment of dissertation anddocuments in Ministry of Health, the graduates' certificate will beissued relevant to their dissertation.


For more information please contact:

Deputy for Education andPostgraduate Studies, Avicenna Research Institute.

Tel: +98 (21) 22432027 & +98 (21) 22402110

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Youneed JavaScript enabled to view it

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Online application form is available for Iranian applicants only,so please follow this link: Employment ApplicationOnline Form

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