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Deputy for Supportive Services has been founded with the aim ofproviding appropriate, essential, and timely services to meet ARIrequirements.  Therefore, the significant role of this deputyencompasses several complexities and diversified tasks.

Formulation of strategies on logistic affairs including humanresources besides official, financial, general and technical issuesare among subjects being scrutinized by the deputy’s staff.

Finalizing conducted studies for approval by chairman and ARIdirectory board plus collaboration with other internal deputies andexternal relevant organizations such as I.R.I Management andPlanning Organization, Ministry of Health, and The IndustrialDevelopment & Renovation Organization (IDRO) for making jointdecisions are counted as Deputy’s responsibilities.

Moreover, notifying subordinates of the decisions made in thedirectory board all and above supervision of affairs in theassociated logistic sections for thorough implementation of theprograms fall in the category of the Deputy’s tasks.

The major responsibilities of each Deputy’s departments are asfollows:

  • Directing administrative and human resources affairs: planning,recruitment and development of human resources, supervisingall-inclusive implementation of employment, financial andadministrative regulations;
  • Conducting financial affairs: budgeting and credit allocation,finance tracking, providing directory board and other relevantbodies with balance sheet and financial reports, payment ofsalary;
  • Directing information technology affairs: development, repairand maintenance of IT infrastructures (networks, systems,etc.);
  • Supervising specialized equipment and services: repair,maintenance, calibration, and  modernization of medical andlaboratory equipment;
  • Quality assurance: establishment of management systems,formulation of ARI plans (long and short term programs);standardization of processes, and monitoring inputs and outputs ofthe organization.

Vice chairman for Supportive Services: Akbar Babania
Office Manager: Saeid Hashemi
Financial Manager: Ahmad Norouzi
Quality Assurance and Control Manager: Saeid Hashemi


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