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In 2000, Monoclonal Antibody Research Center (MARC) wasestablished to offer productive and research services. Thisresearch center has taken considerable steps in industrial andscientific developments and provided the condition to centralizeproductive activities in monoclonal antibody field.

Providing research centers with the needed requested monoclonalantibodies in laboratorial and semi-industrial levels, besides,purification and quantification of antibodies for using in kits andbiological products will definitely help the national projects toachieve their goals.

Till now the center has succeeded to produce several kinds ofantibodies including monoclonal antibodies against sperm surfaceantigens, anti-ferritin, PSA, BSA, inhibin, diverse peptides andmore than 42 polyclonal antibodies products and conjugated withfluorescent and enzymes.

Training Iranian investigators, introducing the latest findingsto national institutes, holding workshops as well as conductingresearch projects and theses are among the other activities ofMARC.

It is worth emphasizing that the research center has theprivilege of membership in Medical Biotechnology Network of Iranwhich provides the opportunity to enjoy their assistance in holdingpractical - theoretical workshops for interested specialists.

Besides aforementioned monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies aswell as the recombinant proteins toward production ofpharmaceutical agents like therapeutic chimerized and humanizedantibodies will help Iran to reduce treatment costs by reducingimportation of many expensive drugs and will also allow exportationof such high tech biological products. This will raise the economicstatus of the country. The same will also happen in the vaccinemarket of Iran. In addition, production of these agent will helpthe country to produce many job opportunities, especially forgraduates in biomedicine and bioengineering.

Monoclonal Antibody Research Center comprises the followingthree departments:


Head of research center: Dr Hodjattallah Rabbani

Interior Manager: Ali Ahmad Bayat

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