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Following receiving the final approval from Council ofexpansion of medical universities and the Ministry of Health andMedical Education on Nov 11th, 2007 regarding the foundation ofNanobiotechnology research center (NBRC) - affiliated to AvicennaResearch Institute (ARI) -; in Aug 17th, 2008, the authorizationwas also officially granted to Nanobiotechnology Research Center bythe Iranian Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research(ACECR) board of trustees. This Research Center has started itsactivities along with the development of basic activities ofAvicenna Research Institute- affiliated to ACECR- in the field ofnovel biological sciences and in line with short and long policyobjectives of Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council with thepivotal idea of application of nanotechnology the diagnosis andtreatment of Hard to Treat Diseases (HTDS).

The primary focus of Nanobiotechnology ResearchCenter’s programs and activities are on:

- Becoming the hub of the scientific research meeting theneeds of Iran Health Ministry using nanotechnology.

- Becoming a well-known international center forscientific research in the fields of nanobiotechnology andnanomedicine.

At present, NBRC comprises departments:

1. Nanotechnology Department

2. Recombinant Technology Department

3. Nanobiosynthesis Department

The Research Center is currently conducting severalresearch projects regarding of its aforementioned priorities beingfounded by national & international resources. Of distinctivefeatures of the NBRC, is the close cooperation of scientific stafffrom various disciplines of Biology and chemistry on performingresearch and clinical projects.

All the NBRC staffs are aimed at applying and expanding ofnanotechnology into various fields of medical science includingdiagnosis and treatment of chronic and intractable diseases. Withrespect to relative newness of Nanotechnology Science and its extrarapid extension in the past two decades a broad range ofinvestigation have been facing researchers interested innano-technology which cannot be completely covered to be studied.Thus, the NBRC has set research priorities in the followingfields

Therefore, the NBRC’s research priorities have beenfocused in the followed area of biotechnology and medicalapplication of nanotechnology:

1. New systems designing for cancer diagnostic andtherapy.

2. Design of controlled drug delivery system.

3. Production of recombinant pharmaceutical proteins andmolecular studies using these proteins.

4. Isolation and purification of proteins or cells usingnew methods (e.g. magnetic particles ...).

5. Smart Nano-structures synthesis for drugdelivery.

6. Chemical and biological synthesis ofnanoparticles.

At present, the following technologies have beenestablished by considering NBRC’s faculty membersattempts:

1. Synthesis, of Semiconductor quantum dots (CdSe), theestablishment of Functional groups and conjugation with anti breastand ovarian cancer antibody.

2. Conjugation of Nanomagnetic Particles to MonoclonalAntibodies and Peptides: Optimization and Application in BrestCancer Diagnosis.

3. Validation and optimization of metal-ion affinitychromatography of Polyhistidine-tagged proteins using Nickel CoatedMagnetic Beads.

4. Extraction and Purification of Nanomagnetic Particlesfrom Magnetotactic Bacteria.

5. Preparation and quality evaluation of MACS columns.

Furthermore, owing to its achievedabilities, Nanobiotechnology research center, is a member of IranHigh-Tech Laboratory Network ( andis currently providing professional laboratoryservices for applicants from universities and industry.

1. Assessment of cytotoxic impacts ofnanoparticels.

2. Nanoparticles analysis using HPLC.

3. Synthesis and protection of nanomagneticparticles.

4. Nanoparticles analysis by DLS.

5. Cell and biomolecule purification by Magnetic-ActivatedCell Sorting Column (MACS) and Metal-ion Affinity Chromatography,respectively.

Development plans in the future:

1. Patent registration for the products resulting frompractical research projects.

2. Commercialization of the products resulting fromnanotechnology-related projects through knowledge-basedcompanies.

3. Development and establishment of new laboratoriesrelated to nanotechnology.

4. Recruiting of specialists in order to increaseproductivity.

5. Supporting and training post graduate students with PhDand MSc thesis projects related to Nanobiotechnology.

6. Becoming an exclusive research center through:Achieving the latest technologies and related disciplines,Increasing ability to conduct specialized research activities andservices, Create a dynamic and capable research environment,Effective international communication, caring out new research inrelevant area and training top researcher students in the latterfiled.

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Head of Research Center: Dr Zohreh Mohammadi

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