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Reproductive Biotechnology Research Center was founded in 1998by diligent attempt of some specialists in the field of infertilityand basic medical sciences. 

The Center consists of six departments including ReproductiveImmunology, Reproductive Endocrinology & Andrology,Reproductive Genetics & Biotechnology, Reproductive Infectionsand Bio Law & Ethics and conducts numerous research projects inrelated fields.  

One of the distinguished features of this center isaccomplishing research and remedial projects by cooperation ofmedical and clinical basic sciences specialists in different fieldsof embryology, genetics, biochemistry, cellular and molecularbiology, Ob & Gyn, andrology, endocrinology, infections,tropical diseases and so on.

Partial novelty of reproductive and infertility sciences in onehand and their increasing development on the other, have created avast area of researches. Of course, it is impossible to attain toall the new aspects. 

With respect to the fact, Avicenna Research Institute has setits research priorities on recurrent abortion, endometriosis,unknown infertility, stem cells, transgenic animals, embryo,reproductive infections and genetic causes ofinfertility. 

So far, lots of papers and abstracts have been published innational and international levels related to various completed orunderway projects in this center.

Establishment of Avicenna Infertility Clinic is one of thenoticeable objectives of ARI, which shaped under the closecollaboration of Lubeck ART Center and care of the founding fatherof IVF in Iran, Prof. Saafa Al-Hassani.

The Reproductive Biotechnology Research Center comprises thefollowing six departments:

Head of research center: Dr Somaieh Kazemnejad
Interior Manager: Haleh Edalatkhah
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