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Reproductive Immunology Research Department was founded in 2010.The department implements several projects by the cooperation ofexperts in medical and clinical sciences in the realm ofimmunobiology of reproduction, recurrent miscarriage, unsuccessfulfertility cycles, and endometriosis, through providing funding fromnational and international sources. The hallmark of this departmentis the joint cooperation of medical and clinical sciences toalleviate the patients’ problems. In this regard, clinicaltreatment of patients is ensued after implementing researchactivities in the laboratory based on the department’spriorities.

Recently, researchers have concluded that immunological factorsare the reasons for more than 50 percent of pregnancycomplications. Due to the large scope of research in the field ofimmunology, the department focuses its main research priority inthe field of evaluating the immune system during pregnancy,recurrent abortion, unsuccessful fertility cycles, endometriosisand the role of nutrition in pregnancy. The result of thedepartment efforts culminated in various accomplished or stillongoing research projects, and several national and internationalresearch papers. Furthermore, the research outcomes have beensubmitted in several national and international congresses.


The faculty members of the department:

  • Dr. SaeidZarei
  • Dr. Amir-Hassan Zarnani
  • Dr. Adel Shervin
  • Dr. Ladan Giahi
  • Dr. Maryam Tavakoli
  • Dr. Afsaneh Mohammadzadeh
  • Dr. Elham Akbari
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